We are enabling better access to green, reliable and affordable electricity for your home and business.


Before we tell our story, we’d love to reveal to you the origin of KIRU. Out of a deeply rooted proverbial phrase invented by a tenacious and thriving civilization in Africa, ‘Nkiruka’ speaks of a better future to look forward to, full of boundless opportunities and possibilities. At KIRU, this forms our Ethos – the best is yet to come.

It all started from a student lodge in the prime technology University in south-eastern Nigeria with individual rooms stuffed with bulky engineering textbooks, laptops and intertwined wires connected to shared petrol generator sets located in the balcony of the generator owner. By evening, when the sun sets, many students could be found holding reading lamps, laptops and mobile phones going to risky charging stations powered by noisy and polluting generators to charge their devices. But this is abnormal, we thought and decided to start a company to address the challenge of electricity scarcity. KIRU was born however after two pivots since 2019.

Understanding that lack of access to electricity is a major challenge for more than 1.4 billion people globally, we have committed to create solutions that will solve this problem in the most sustainable and innovative ways possible.


We are a diverse team of purpose-driven innovators and professionals committed to powering the future with sustainable energy.

Chibunna Ogbonna

(Chief Executive Officer)

Tochi Onyia

Financial Analyst

Benedict Okpala .C

(Chief Innovation Officer)

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